București 2084

by Nadya Draghici



here is new album from Romani Nadya Draghici, v hard many emotion. I cry many time when I listen. pls enjoy

Here is narrative:
The year is 2084. It is the coldest winter in the recorded history of Romania, the “Black Winter". The capital, București, is a rain-soaked, neon-lit, overcrowded metropolis, like many of the capital cities of Europa in this period of time. World population is at crisis point and all systems are collapsing. No longer can people rely on the flesh they were born with, but rather computerised, metallic replacements are the order of the day.

As a young woman, Nadya Draghici lost her arm to disease in the summer of 2042. While many during this time took their own life due to poverty-stricken conditions and a high demand for medical treatment putting heavy pressure onto the then-implemented EU socialised healthcare system, to the point where people were dying on the streets and riots had become widespread.

Through it all, Nadya refused to give up. A talented violinist of Gypsy origin, she spent her life savings on the installation of a bionic arm through the private system and re-learnt how to play her instrument with her new mechanical limb.

In 2084, Nadya is still using this same bionic arm, now rusted and on the verge of breaking. Now with the collapse of the international financial system, all trade is done through free market crypto-currency and without any chance of a pension or any other form of work, busking on the streets and down in the metro is her only option to survive - her only escape. Without it, she would perish.

The nanofluid that powers the bionic arms motors had been leaking onto what remains of her upper arm causing minor acidic burns and increasing mental hallucinations cause by compounds within the fluid. It was a surprise to her that this hadn’t happened sooner. Fighting through the pain, she busked around the city of București to accrue enough bitcoin as to afford to pay for a new arm on the blackmarket.

But as she travels to her destination on this cold, rainy evening, the hallucinations increasingly become her reality, as vivid memories and fantasies of her youth blur with her present day existence. Memories of lost life and lost love come flooding back to her in a deluge of dreams. As she makes the dreary trip through the city, she begins to wonder what is real anymore or if she will ever reach her destination and survive the black winter.

Nadya Draghici’s 'București 2084' is the tale of a powerful woman who would never give up, no matter what life threw at her.


released January 31, 2016



all rights reserved



there is only truth.


//world music//
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